Do you believe that God still works miracles?

Miracle on Hope Hill is a book of true stories that Jennie has written in partnership with her sister, Carol Kent, about amazing ways that God has worked in the lives of ordinary people.  Life is full of "God Moments," yet amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life we often overlook such moments, perhaps calling them a stroke of good luck or taking credit for the unexpected blessing as simply "our due."  Carol Kent and Jennie Afman Dimkoff, sisters, international speakers and co-authors of Miracle on Hope Hill prove that when we truly consider these events, we discover how ever-present God really is in each of our lives.

Miracle on Hope Hill is full of stories of romance, heartache, tragedy and celebration--each pointing to the hope God casts through His love, intervention and blessings.  Martin DeHaan, of RBC Ministries, and the international publisher of Our Daily Bread said, "When family, friends or congregations can share together the kind of true stories that Carol and Jennie tell in Miracle on Hope Hill, they have found a way of saying together that, even in our darkest moments, there is hope."

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